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When you know your marketing needs a refresh, but can’t determine what the problem might be—unclear messaging, outdated identity or logo, website not converting, attracting the wrong customers or clients— a private Brand Camp workshop is for you! 

See for yourself what the hype is all about.


Join me for Brand Camp!

“We cannot recommend Ericka enough.

Her keen eye for design, content, and storytelling, plus her vast knowledge of effective web and social marketing, is truly something to behold.

She is a rare and authentic talent and we are so thankful to have found her.

If you are looking for someone to elevate your image, brand, and story expertly, she’s your gal.”

-Kerry and Tricia McHugh | The Getaway Girls

Get your Story Straight with Branding and Marketing

What is Brand Camp?

Brand Camp is a fully customizable, one-on-one virtual workshop with Ericka Saurit designed to help you quickly identify and fix your most pressing marketing dilemmas.

Previous clients have used our Brand Camp workshop to…

  • Refresh (and create!) beautiful new logos and brand identity packages
  • Clarified their brand message with a new tagline and narrative playbook
  • Update their website copy to speak exactly to their ideal audience
  • Refresh their website design and layout to be a more immersive and functional experience
  • Create a 12-month content plan 
  • Plan and setup their email marketing funnels 
  • Create on-brand social storytelling strategies that clearly share their value
  • Create consistent templates for all their marketing creative (presentations, socials, emails, contracts, etc)
  • …anything else your marketing heart desires!  

No ongoing monthly retainer with us, just the deliverables you need to quickly move your marketing forward!  



The simple secret to effective marketing for your brand lies in having a clear message that speaks directly to the core emotions of your ideal clients.


Let’s craft yours at Brand Camp. 

Who is Brand Camp for?

👉 Brands who need a refresh on their logo or identity, copywriting, or website design. 

👉 Creative business owners interested in reinvigorating their current brand marketing to grow their audience and drive new business without the ongoing or monthly retainer fees. 

👉 Designers creating a new service offering who need clarity on how to uniquely position it in their marketplace

👉 Anyone starting a creative or design business who needs an effective, strategic brand story to launch successfully

👉 Creatives who struggle to find their unique voice and want a proven system to get their story straight


I have owned and operated a residential design firm for 20 + years and in that time I have described “what we do” countless times to prospective clients but during Brand Camp with Ericka, was truly the first time I felt what we could do for our clients. 

Ericka was able to create a story about our offerings and who we are without using cliches and worn-out verbiage that surrounds the design industry. 

Brand Camp is the best thing I have done for my business in ages, it’s never too late to tell your story.” 


-K. Allen, ASID

Who’s guiding your Brand Camp workshop?

Hi, I’m Ericka Saurit, a brand strategist and designer passionate about elevating brands across the home industry.

As a former interior designer myself, I’ve seen first-hand how great stories sell great projects (to great clients!), and how more often than not, great ideas die on the presentation floor due to poor messaging and communication. 

I’ll work with you and your team to ensure your brand story is consistent and unforgettable, and that all brand stakeholders are on board with your content development and social storytelling efforts.

The work you’re doing is important, and it changes lives.

You deserve a story that makes that clear and authentically persuasive to the clients who need you most. 

Thank you so much Ericka for my brand narratives! It’s like reading all the things I know about myself and my business, what it stands for, things I have never been able to say or explain, but you have put them into words.

I’ve been struggling for a while now to get my brand messaging right, I finally have them! Thank you Ericka, you took the time to get to know me and all that I stand for, and turned my story into a beautiful narrative that is now part of my business story.

I cannot wait for the opportunity to work with you again in the future!

– Suheir Falconer | Noir Interior Design

Get your Story Straight with Branding and Marketing

Why should you book a private, Brand Camp workshop?

✨ If you’re not attracting the type of clients you want to be working with or your proposals with potential clients aren’t converting, your messaging might be the problem. Brand Camp gives you an extra set of expert eyes and advice on how to refine your brand storytelling across all your marketing—from social media, to your website, to email communications. 

✨ Or, you’re planning on hiring someone to manage your social media or rebuild your website, but need a Brand Guide to share with them that offers clear guidelines for your brand’s unique voice.

✨ You’re ready to make big changes in your brand, but aren’t ready to invest in our 6-month Brand Roadmap service or an ongoing retainer.


What’s the takeaway from Brand Camp?

      • ..e ex
      • 💥 Need a new logo? A whole new identity? We can do that in Brand Camp!
      • 💥 Want to update the copy on your website to ensure potential clients and customers really understand the value you can bring to their lives? Let’s do it.
      • 💥 Have a photoshoot coming up? Let’s create video scripts or shot lists to ensure those investments result in visual storytelling assets you can use again and again.
      • 💥 Use your Brand Camp workshop to generate a content plan for your business, easily creating 20+ blog post titles, video scripts, captions, Reels, Stories and event ideas to amplify your brand story
      • 💥 Use it to update all internal client documents and collateral including proposals, welcome packets, print portfolios, catalogs, media kits, press releases, and more
      • 💥 Share a consistent narrative about your business with partners (like realtors, contractors, and architects) for new business development
      • 💥 Onboard new employees and contractors with a comprehensive Brand Guide so everyone is on the same page about your values, services, and timelines 

Get your Story Straight with Branding and Marketing

What’s the investment? 

Our Brand Camp service is actually a series of two private, virtual workshops so you can schedule your sessions anytime, at your convenience*.

Here’s what to expect: 

DAY 1:  In this initial 90-min virtual session, we review your brand based on the E3 Storytelling Framework. This allows us to define your differentiated position in your marketplace, how and why this matters to your ideal clients, and how to build a marketing plan that ensures you never have to worry about losing business to your competitors again. We’ll outline the exact deliverables you’ll get in our second session together.

DAY 2: In our second 90-min session, we’ll meet again virtually to review your customized deliverables

The cost for Brand Camp is $2475 for both private, 90-minute virtual workshop sessions with Saurit Creative founder and brand strategist, Ericka Saurit.

No ongoing monthly retainer, just the deliverables you need to move your marketing forward!  


*I recommend scheduling no more than 5-6 weeks between sessions—most brands schedule their second session 3 weeks after the first. 




Let’s do this one brand at a time.

As a commitment to solving interior design’s brand problem, Brand Camp scholarships are available to emerging designers or those demonstrating financial need. Scholarships are awarded monthly.


It takes time and dedication to build a brand—it’s an investment in the future success of your business. 

So what are you waiting for? 

If this is the year you transform from a business-mindset to a brand-mindset, then it’s time to get your story straight.

Once and for all.

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I can’t wait to follow your success. ✨ 

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