Business of Design™ Podcast | June 2023

Episodes 237/ 328: Refine Your Story with Ericka Saurit (~35 min each)

Listen in to my two-part conversation with design legend and BOD™ podcast host Kimberley Seldon as we unpack what it takes to create a brand in our industry. 

Interior design professionals, while incredibly talented and hardworking are frequently not eloquent or succinct when offering their services or presenting their brands to clients. In this episode, the first of two parts, learn the 3 Es which will help you craft an unforgettable brand narrative designed to speak directly to your ideal client.

In this episode we learn:

  • why words matter more than ever (even in our highly visual industry)
  • where to start when creating your brand story 
  • Ericka’s E3 Storytelling Framework: the key components of an unforgettable brand story
  • buzz killers like “full-service design” should be avoided

 Listen to the episodes here:

Designed for the Creative Mind Podcast | January 2023

Episode 085: Are you a Business or a Brand? with Ericka Saurit (40 min)

Designed for the Creative Mind Podcast host Michelle Lynne interviews Ericka Saurit, who began her career as an interior designer, and now as a brand marketing strategist focuses on helping interior designers transform their businesses into unforgettable brands through strategic storytelling.

 In this episode, Ericka shares what a brand message is, why a clear and consistent brand message is one of the most valuable investments you can make in your marketing plan, and ways to conduct your own Brand Audit to make your message more clear and consistent.

 Listen to the episode here:


Forbes Magazine | Global Founders Retreat, Marrakech 2022

Medium | How to Build an Interior Design Brand, 2021

Business of Home | Can You Get More out of Your Website, 2021

So many designers put most of their energy into Instagram because that’s where they are getting a lot of attention—or they see other people’s successes on the platform and think it’s the right channel for them, too,” says Ericka Saurit, a former interior designer who founded Saurit Creative in 2020 to offer digital marketing to fellow home industry creatives and brands.

But while it’s important to put the right narrative about your brand [on Instagram], we tell our clients that their websites could be working harder for them than they think.”  read more >


Business of Home Launch Course 2024 | July

Social Storytelling: Decoding the Insta Enigma


Business of Home Launch Course 2024 | January

Visual Storytelling: Translating Your Brand Narrative Into a Visual Style All Your Own


Business of Home Launch Course 2023 | June

The Designer’s Brand-Building Playbook: Transforming your business into a brand

Business of Home Launch Course 2023 | January

Get Your Story Straight: How to craft an unforgettable brand message


HPMKT Fall 2022 | October

Becoming a Creative Renegade Workshop and Panel Discussion | Dawn Sweitzer Studios

Business of Home Launch Course 2021 |  April

Social Storytelling: Harnessing the power of Instagram


Business of Home Launch Course 2021 |  March

Email Marketing 101: Leveraging the power of the inbox to reach your clients directly 


Designer’s Today DX Conference | 2021

Get Your Story Straight: How to create a brand messaging framework that shines online


SideDoor University | 2021

How to Nail Your Brand Message on Social Media


International Market Centers + International Textile Alliance | 2021

The Power of Our Stories: Crafting your unique brand story with a simple marketing framework 

Industry Leading Conversations

HPMKT Spring 2024 | April

The Role of Media in Shaping Client Expectations | Universal Furniture Learning Center

Mastering Brand Collaborations that Pay Off | Hooker Furnishings Designer’s Theater

From the Ground Up: How to build the business of your dreams | Unique Loom Showroom

Vacation Rental Design Summit 2024 | April

Keeping Your Project Pipeline Full: Mastering marketing for your VRD Business

Navigating Brand Collaborations

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Marketing for Designers: Tips from the Industry’s Top Agencies  | Universal Furniture Learning Center

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Creating a Sense of Place: How design narratives build unforgettable brand experiences | High Point, NC

Slow Your Scroll: How to photograph short term and vacation rental properties | High Point, NC

HPMKT Spring 2023 | April

Niching in Vacation Rental Design | Universal Furniture Learning Center

HPMKT Fall 2022 | October

Becoming a Creative Renegade Workshop and Panel Discussion | Dawn Sweitzer Studios

HPMKT Fall 2022 | October

Designing for Vacation Rentals | Universal Furniture Learning Center


Design Influencers Conference 2022 | August

Email Marketing 101: Why your newsletter matters now more than ever | Atlanta Hilton Buckhead  


HPMKT Spring 2022 | April

Swipe Right: The similarities between marketing and dating | Antique & Design Center


HPMKT Spring 2022 | April

Designing for Function, Families, and Furry Friends | Fairfield Chair Showroom


HPMKT Spring 2022 | April

Mastering Influence: Where storytelling and leadership collide | Universal Furniture Learning Center


HPMKT Fall 2021 | October

Get Your Story Straight! A simple framework for creating killer content for your brand | Universal Furniture Learning Center


HPMKT Spring 2021 | June

Social Storytelling: Creating a brand narrative that stands out online | Universal Furniture Learning Center

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